Crawlspace humidity: Not just a summer problem.



Here in Charlotte, there exists a notion that elevated moisture and humidity problems aren’t prevalent in the winter.  This is a myth.

Even well-maintained homes can have mold moisture issues in the crawlspace area. In the winter wet season, humidity in air still exists and cool air particles hold less moisture content before condensation occurs.  This means that a crawlspace can still have significant moisture problems regardless of the season.

Also, heavy precipitation that flows back into a crawlspace due to grading can add moisture to a crawlspace environment that does not have the ability to evaporate or shed it.  This may lead to standing moisture which can communicate, via evaporation, to the wood structure above, raising moisture content of structural members over time. This will eventually lead to mold, rot, termites, etc..

It is important to know the condition of your home’s crawlspace year-round by either visual inspection or a site visit from a professional.  Regardless, one should not assume that they are safe from the effects of crawlspace mold, moisture, and damage because it’s not hot and humid outside.

The winter season definitely has it’s own set of crawlspace mold and moisture challenges, Charlotte.  It pays to stay on top of what’s down below.


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